Becoming George Washington

tells the largely unknown story of how an insecure fatherless boy rises to become our indispensable founding father. A far cry from the powdered haired General or President discussed in most Washington biographies, this book reveals young Washington as an “action hero” at the epicenter of the French & Indian War.Becoming George Washington follows Washington through repeated harrowing battles as well as witnessing his success– and failure– leading an army in the field. The book also explores George’s complex relationships with his difficult mother and caring brothers.

Notably, the book contains an affair between George and Sally Fairfax. While highly controversial, the liaison is supported by documentation, including letters written by George.

Becoming George Washington includes detailed author’s notes providing sources and commentary on events so the reader may know and understand the real story.


— A Fall Read by the Saint Paul PIONEER PRESS

— A Literati by the Landmark Center

— A Finalist for Historical Fiction by the Next Generation Indie Book Awards



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